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Webcam Modeling Agent Method – Lifetime Passive Income

Alright, now that I’ve already shared with you one of the most powerful and hands down the fastest ways of making some serious passive income online using CrakRevenue and the adult industry offers, it’s time for me to share with you the real secret behind my success story in this line of business! webcam modeling agent

Downloading and uploading adult cam videos the way I’ve showed you in the CrakRevenue method post, is one of the best ways to make easy money online, and I seriously mean easy!

But the method I am going to share with you here, which has to do with the same industry, will skyrocket your earnings and literally highly automate your online money making process.

With what I am about to share with you, you just work for the first few weeks, set up a great foundation, and see the entire process start filling your pockets day in and day out!

The real secret to success in this line of work is to become an online webcam modeling agent.

And before you freak out, you don’t have to share any personal info with any of the models you’re going to recruit. It’s all clean, straightforward, serious business, and all done online through links. Referral links.

The way webcam modeling agent method works is as follows:

You sign up to a cam modeling website that I am going to share with you – the best in the business – as an agent. They will give you your very own personal referral link. That link you can share anywhere you like, from adult blogs, Craigslist to social media channels, absolutely anywhere. If a man or a woman signs up as a model through that link, you get 10% of their lifetime income! Lifetime income!!

And some of those models earn anywhere from $200 to $500 a day, and even more if they’re determined to dedicate to it fully! Imagine the earning potential here!

If your model earns let’s say $200 a day, you get $20 for that day. If they do it every day, you get to earn $600 a month from that one model. Imagine what you could do with 10, 20 or 30 models, which is very well possible in this huge industry that is in constant demand for new models! webcam modeling agent

If you could refer only 5 models a month, and from personal experience I know you can do a lot more, but let’s say just 5 a month. That’s 60 models in a year. They can make you $1200 every day. Imagine that!

I personally discovered this method at the beginning of 2016, and I made a ton of money ever since! The upload method I shared with you in earlier posts still requires of you to download and upload a lot of videos every day, and with webcam modeling agent method, it’s a true full on passive income! Full automation! And that’s what everyone seems to be looking for nowadays!

The method has worked for me so well, I shared it with the rest of my friends, and they started making tons of money too! It’s an incredible money making machine that you have to take an advantage of!

The best website to work for as an agent is hands down InternetModeling.com This is the most reputable webcam modeling website in the industry, and they’re 100% professional!


When it comes to getting paid, it couldn’t be more easier. Both models and agents get paid weekly, via check, Payoneer or Paxum, with no payment delays or payout fees. You receive the amount of money that you earn, as simple as that.

I personally use Payoneer, and as I’ve stated in my other articles, I couldn’t recommend them more. They’re my preferred way to get paid. With Payoneer you get a free MasterCard that you can use anywhere in the world.


So, there you have it guys! The absolute best and easiest way to make the 100% automated passive income online! You just set it up and let the system work for you! webcam modeling agent

When it comes to promoting your webcam model application link, you can do it, as I said, anywhere you think you’d get people who are interested in doing this. One of the best places I use to promote my modelling ads is definitely QuickAd.com! You get to place your ads for FREE, and the traffic is super targeted! When placing a Webcam Model ad, pick Income Ops > Work From Home Jobs categories. Believe me, this is such a high paying gig, that a lot of people are taking advantage of. You’ll have sign-ups on QuickAd, Reddit, Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook groups, adult forums, anywhere really! You could be earning thousands in no time!

Recruiting Webcam Models via Social Media – Social media websites are an amazing vehicle to help you reach an astounding number of people and launch an ultra successful webcam modeling campaign. Social media websites are packed with good looking people searching for ways to make more money from home and online, and if you present them the webcam modeling idea as a great opportunity to earn great cash from the comfort of their own home (which actually is great), you’d be surprised how many times they’d actually go for it. webcam modeling agent

Recruiting Webcam Models via Classifieds – Classified ad websites are another powerful way of recruiting new people interested in webcam modeling. Although there are classified sites out there with an adult only ads platform which would make you think they’d get you more models (and they can, so definitely try them out), the absolute giants in this field are still Craigslist and QwikAd.com – Both Craigslist and QwikAd ads will help you reach the biggest number of people and new recruits. Webcam modeling agent

Make a Webcam Models Info Site (Extremely effective!!!) – When faced with question they want an instant answer on, people head to Google to look it up. Those looking to start working as webcam models (lots of them today, because it’s easy money) need more information, and that’s why your best bet is to create a webcam modeling info site (I have one as well, and it’s proven golden), populate it with webcam modeling content, best adult cam websites and other recommendations, and you’ll reach a target audience that will hungry to sign up. If you’re serious about it head to HostGator for your free domain and the best adult website hosting (they support adult industry related content, while other popular hosting providers mostly don’t or can take your website down) and promote your webcam modeling links on that website, and in turn promote that website on social networks and other adult related blogs. You can create a real growing business out of this!

I strongly urge you to open your agent account on InternetModeling.com, get your cam model application link, and get to work! You can create a powerful business out of this!

Thanks for reading,

Johnny Bolt


About Johnny Bolt

Johnny Bolt
Johnny is a successful online entrepreneur and internet marketer. His online achievements allowed him to fulfill his dream of travelling the world, and live a true 'click millionaire' lifestyle. The main goal of Trend Army is to provide you with absolutely everything you need to start your own online adventure and fulfill your own internet lifestyle dream. Johnny started his success journey at WealthyAffiliate.com

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  1. Hello johnny thank you sincerely for all the work that you realize on this site but the method of the modeling agent Webcam – Passive income for life really did not understand anything please can you tell me again that es- What to do concretely what technique to use to promote the site links thank you in advance.

    • Johnny Bolt

      Please read the method again. I laid out exactly the best places to promote your links. This is one of the best methods to earn passive income for life, if you do it right. There are girls and guys out there who need the money and who WILL sing up to do these.

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this information! I opened the account, shared a link on my Twitter page, and had two model sign-ups in a day! This method is amazing!

  3. Is there another website? I can’t sign up with InternetModeling.com they are not accepting people from my coutnry 🙁

  4. I’ve started with this method before I stumbled upon this article and I really struggled with how to find new models, but then I checked out QwikAd advertising that you recommend, and incredible how this business took off. I am seeing 3 model signups per week. I first used their free ads then switched to paid which is the cheapest online anyway, and it works great for me. Many thanks!

    • H Jovan, thats awesome to hear mate. Well done …I just had a question if its ok?

      Did you promote the main home page link or the model application link?

      Also, did you use any banner ads or did you just paste your affiliate link in the ad?

      Thanks heaps..


    • how often are you posting ads? can you give me some advice. what cities are you posting too?

  5. I am making $4000+ with this method. The models I signed up are working great, and the cut I am getting from them is amazing. This method is brilliant!

  6. 5 models are working for me right now, after one month, and they’re making me enough to pay for the apartment and groceries. I am more than happy. Thank you.

  7. Hi Johnny,
    I am a newbie. I am little confused how to set up an ad on QwikAd. Actually what text should be put on Ad section. And which category is the best for recruiting model?

  8. I made my own website for recruiting models, and instead of the direct modelling link, I put ads for my website on Qwikad. Works like a charm. Thank Johnny!

    • Vlada Zelim poceti ovih dana da radim kao Webcam model agent. Da li mi mozes pomoci ? Pozz

      Vlada I want to start work like webcam model agent these days… Will you help me and give me first steps for creating If I got stuck with creating all of this ?

      Expect your answer Tnx 🙂

      Slavko Majic

      • Slavko, ja sam toliko razvio posao zahvaljujuci ovom metodu da nemam puno vremena. Johnny je bukvalno napisao sve sto trebas da uradis. Ja sam, napravio sajt za regrutovanje i umesto reklamiranja samog linka, ja reklamiram svoj sajt za modele na qwikad. Ne znam koliko se snalazis u WordPressu i da li znas da napravis sajt. Ja sam platio da mi ga naprave posto tad nista nisam znao. Voleo bih da ti mogu pomoci vise, ali ovde bukvalno imas sve sto ti treba.

        • Vlado koliko te je kostala izrada sajta ako nije tajna i dali ti je neka agencija radila sajt? Interesuje me jer se ne snalazim bas sa wordpressom pa bih platio da mi odrade sajt.
          Hvala, pozdrav

  9. Wow Johnny, you’re my man! This method is killing it! This is literally the best thing that happened to me this year. I have signed up 12 models and they’re making me serious cash, and I mean serious!! Thanks a million!

  10. Johnny you must be a very rich man because you have such a generous heart. Some folks would put all these quality infos in books and sell them. Thanks a million

  11. Alright, I have to say thank you a million times for this, because thanks to you I quit my job and am now earning from $3,000 to $7,000 as a webcam model agent!!! If someone told me this was possible I wouldn’t believe them! QwikAd helped me tremendously to find new models. I am also recruiting via adult twitter account and instagram.

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