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Wealthy Affiliate Review: How It Changed My Life

On the course of my internet marketing journey, I have purchased and had the opportunity to use and test close to six dozen internet marketing products aimed at both newbies and experienced to advanced affiliate marketers to help them either break in or up their game in this lucrative industry. Wealthy Affiliate

I however, have written very few product reviews like this particular one about Wealthy Affiliate, and I had the chance to promote a lot of products that could potentially make my fellow TrendArmy followers tens of thousands of dollars per month, but decided not to do so, because I knew a success rate would be too low, and I don’t want my followers to waste their time and money on their journey upwards.

I have worked very hard on making TrendArmy a trustworthy source that my visitors love and trust, and when I decide to review a product, I want to make sure it will deliver value and success that my followers expect and look forward to.

Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the absolute best internet marketing product I have ever used for newbie internet marketers and those just starting out or struggling to break in. I personally owe a great deal of my success to this program, because I struggled a lot before stumbling upon it, and wasted years of trying to make internet marketing work for me.

You however don’t have to blatantly trust me on this, as I will build a very strong case in this article on why you should definitely try it and what your affiliate life could look like if you opt to listen to what I have to say and decide to create a free account with Wealthy Affiliate.


Why is Wealthy Affiliate So Important To New Internet Marketers?

Wealthy affiliate is an incredibly well crafted mix of a perfect training product and an extremely helpful community for new and inexperienced internet marketers who don’t even know how to set up a WordPress website. If you don’t know where to start, this is the perfect place for it, as it will take you from A to Z and teach you everything there is to know about internet marketing so you could launch your first website with a breeze.

Now, if you’ve done affiliate marketing for some time and still haven’t had major success with it, where you have a website or a few websites that can’t seem to take off or get to the next level, then Wealthy Affiliate might not be suitable for you.

This is a digression, but a better product for those of you who can label yourselves as more experienced affiliate marketers is AffiliateU. It’s another incredible internet marketing training product, that is in my opinion at the absolute top when it comes to the best affiliate marketing training products out there. Compared to the free Wealthy Affiliate training, AffiliateU doesn’t come free or cheap, but it’s jam packed with the very best applicable affiliate marketing knowledge in existence today. You can read the AffiliateU review here.

But back to the amazing Wealthy Affiliate, here is how your life could change for the better if you make a decision to join WA today:


  1. Wealthy Affiliate is 100% Free – Create a Free Account Today

I can’t stress enough that Wealthy Affiliate is the only high quality affiliate marketing product that is legitimately 100% free, with no strings attached and with no free trial-then-pay tricks. You will never get asked for your payment information unless you decide to upgrade your WA account to premium.

Your free Wealthy Affiliate membership is yours for a lifetime – giving you the unrestricted access to an incredible amount of amazing tools and priceless information you won’t find anywhere else, at least not in this simple yet powerful form.



  1. Create Two Free Websites

As unbelievable as it may sound, the WA free membership comes together with a free hosting and tools for your very own two websites, that you are going to make as part of the WA training, that will make you your first affiliate money. Guys at Wealthy Affiliate have simplified a website setup process significantly, knowing that the majority of internet marketing newbies aren’t experienced website makers. The entire setup process is done in just a few clicks.

It’s also important to point out that your free Wealthy Affiliate member account is limited to two websites and requires the use of SiteRubix subdomain. Let’s say you want to call your website BabyStrollers, then your WA website address would be BabyStrollers.SiteRubix.com.

Premium membership on the other hand allows hosting of unlimited number of websites, where you can also use your very own domain names, without the SiteRubix subdomain.

After you’ve launched your website, or even before the launch, you can start with the training.


  1. The Best Step-By-Step Internet Marketing Training for Newbies, Hands Down

With your free Wealthy Affiliate membership you’ll gain access to the most comprehensive database of internet marketing training that beats in quality and content almost every other training product out there that you’ve purchased.

Forget about the training programs that are total scams, waste of time, money, incomplete information and difficulty following the same.

Wealthy Affiliate, thanks to its creators, has extremely easy to follow lessons, and is constantly kept up to date with everything new that comes up, new search engine updates and tools, that make sure your websites and your work and knowledge are at the top of their game.

Their Level 1 Course alone contains more applicable knowledge than many others from publishers that would charge you for the same information $100 or more.


  1. Access To Solving Any Issue You Encounter

Even though internet marketing isn’t as complex as it seems, learning it when you’re just starting out can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Wealthy Affiliate has done an amazing job presenting the lessons in an easy and understanding manner, allowing newbies to easily find their way around and build their ground, giving them the opportunity to jump from lesson to lesson, go back and forth, making sure no internet affiliate term is left undefined and question unanswered.


  1. Keyword Research

Keyword research, as I’ve mentioned countless times throughout this blog, is absolutely essential when you’re setting up your internet business, whatever it is, especially affiliate marketing. And if there is an affiliate marketing teaching product out there that doesn’t address the importance of keyword research, you can trash it.

Keyword research tools and programs can be very expensive, costing hundreds of dollars, and with Wealthy Affiliate free membership you get access to an amazing keyword research tool for absolutely free. Another reason to join WA today.

The keyword research section in WA training also contains lessons on how to find and look for profitable keywords, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You’ll become a pro at it in a matter of days, let alone weeks.



  1. Incredibly Helpful Community

I bet you’ve never had the opportunity to use an affiliate marketing product that gave you the access to their ultra helpful community of thousands of like-minded members that you could rely on whenever you needed help or any kind of support on your affiliate marketing journey.

The WA community is overflowing with people who are doing the same thing as you, mastering their internet marketing skills, building websites and making money. And you’ll want to interact with them. Sharing knowledge and tips is powerful, and having those who have made it already or are making it is incredibly reassuring and a powerful moral boost.

Asking anyone a question, at any time of day or night, with this massive worldwide community is just a click away. There’s always someone to help. And this is another reason why I find Wealthy Affiliate training absolutely priceless.


  1. Get Help from Wealthy Affiliate Creators Themselves

If you get stuck with anything that you’re unable to find a solution for anywhere within the training section or the community, you can always ask the WA co-founders directly.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but Carson and Kyle, the creators of this amazing program and ultra successful affiliate marketers themselves, even with their busy schedules and lives, are constantly active on WA and ready to help you out with anything.

When you sign up for you’re free account, you will see how often they are online and how incredibly involved they are with all of their members, making sure everyone is given their very best in order to make the laptop-lifestyle that everyone on WA is after, yourself included.


  1. Premium Membership Benefits

I always tell my fellow readers that free membership at Wealthy Affiliate is more than enough for them to learn a great deal about how this business model (internet marketing) is done and launch their first affiliate websites, and more often than not hear about how they decided to upgrade to a premium membership after just a few days, after seeing how incredibly powerful this program is.

Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate allows access to more in-depth training and lessons, comes with a free web hosting for unlimited number of websites that you can launch and host, with your very own domain names. It also includes live webinars on a weekly schedule, private messaging option to other members, and all for $49.

I assure you, if you ever decide to go for $49 Premium WA Membership, even though you don’t really have to, the content you get unlocked will absolutely blow you away, and it will definitely be the best $49 that you’ve ever invested in yourself, I guarantee it.

Internet Marketing is not just making a few bucks on the side, making a living, it’s about creating a fortune, that you absolutely CAN do, and investing in yourself and that opportunity to create an amazing life for yourself should be a driving force of extra motivation for you.


  1. Become Your Own Success Story

When you start with Wealthy Affiliate, learn your first affiliate marketing steps, create a website and make your first $$, you will feel incredibly empowered. Because you’ll realize that making money online is possible.

Going from those first few dollars to a $200 or more per day is just a matter of time and scaling it up. Going from $2 to $2000 is easy when you have the right formula, and of course work ethic, and the first is given to you by Wealthy Affiliate.

You can be Wealthy Affiliate’s next success story, and share the joys of a new found financial freedom with others in the WA community.

I am telling you, I’ve struggled a lot before I found out about WA, and I only wish I’ve found out about it earlier before wasting so much time and money. It’s the one place to give you absolutely everything necessary for you to start your own successful affiliate marketing career.



About Johnny Bolt

Johnny Bolt
Johnny is a successful online entrepreneur and internet marketer. His online achievements allowed him to fulfill his dream of travelling the world, and live a true 'click millionaire' lifestyle. The main goal of Trend Army is to provide you with absolutely everything you need to start your own online adventure and fulfill your own internet lifestyle dream. Johnny started his success journey at WealthyAffiliate.com

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