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Top 15 Best Chrome Extensions For Internet Marketers

Alright, I’m about to steal your day away from you. Not literally of course, but because I am going to share something so awesome with you, you’re guaranteed to spend a good chunk of your day playing around with it.

As an affiliate marketer who spends a good amount of time doing SEO for my various online projects, I end up finding these cool tools, true gems actually, that make your affiliate life (which is btw not that easy) a tad bit more joyful.

So in my unintentional quest for these small but revolutionary solutions, I’ve found a lot of them, and was actually surprised by how many of the extremely useful stuff many of us are just unaware of, because there is no multi-million dollar cash-pumping company standing behind them. Instead, almost all of them are made by cool regular people who just wanted to contribute.

This list is in no way exhaustive, because there are literally tons of useful tools out there. I’m only sharing the stuff I personally use, day in and day out. If you think I missed something worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments section.

An important thing for me to say, before I reveal the tools, is that they use a fair share of your computer’s memory and power. So if you don’t have strong configuration or are constantly working on battery alone – which is actually the most of us affiliate marketers, I recommend you be extra picky when it comes to choosing the ones you want to use. Because I know from my personal experience that you’d want to use all of them.

For that reason, I am going to give them an impact grade from 1 to 5, with 5 having the greatest impact on CPU.


1. Ahrefs

I’m sure some of you are familiar with this one. If not, it’s important to know that Ahrefs is rapidly becoming one of the most useful SEO tools on the market. If you had to pick only one tool to use for your SEO, it would definitely have to be this one.

This Chrome extension is somewhat similar to Mozbar, allowing you to quickly analize the strength of a website or its page. But the similarity with Moz is all there is, because Ahrefs uses a much more sophisticated database than Mozbar.

Impact: 4


2. Email Hunter

This one is definitely going to become your new favorite tool, because it really does what its name says, it hunts for emails.

And the greatest thing about it is that it’s just one button. You go to a web page, you click on the Email Hunter button, and magic happens. You get to see all the emails the software finds.

It literally scrapes the site you’re on, and serves you with all the associated email addresses and their sources. So the chances of finding your niche related emails is pretty good.

I’m tellin’ ya. This tool will become your best buddy!

Impact: 4


3. What Font

How many times have you seen a great looking font or a font combination on a website and did everything in your power to find it, because you wanted to use it in your website design, but unsuccessfully?

What Font is that ultra small magical tool that solves that problem in one click.

You just click on the What Font button, hover over any text on any page and it’ll instantly tell you what font they’re using. It’s a huge problem solver. You’ll love it!

Impact: 3


4. Feedly

Feedly is a pretty useful content aggregator. Basically you use it to add feeds of the blogs that you visit and read most often.

It has a great categorization tool, so that you can put different blogs in their own categories. I for example have a category called “Niche Marketers” where I have NicheHacks.com and other related blogs.

It’s a perfect tool to keep you updated on all the new articles coming from your favorite blogs, always keeping you informed and your feed fresh.

Impact: 3


5. Mozbar

Mozbar has been used as a SEO prospecting tool for a long time, but has recently been surpassed by some other, more sophisticated tools. It’s still quite useful though, so I would definitely recommend installing it.

What it does it gives you a brief but important insight in the SEO power of a page or a website, displaying both page and domain authority.

While Mozbar is famous for its bad database, it’s still a very nice way to judge a site’s or page’s power, especially if you’re doing a keyword research and are looking into your competition.

Impact: 5


6. SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a renowned SEO tool that has been around for a very long time. Its power is in its incredible comprehensive display of various website metrics from multiple important website-data-measuring sources.

If you’re curious about a particular webpage, just turn the SEO Quake on, and it’ll display all the crucial information, from Google and Alexa ranks to keyword density etc.

You can really use this tool for a bunch of stuff!

Impact: 5


7. LastPass

LastPass is probably yet another cool tool that you wouldn’t be able to live without.

It’s an ultra simple yet powerful password manager that I personally am in love with. It is not only capable of storing every password for every website that you need to log in into, but it also allows you to share your passwords with other people without actually revealing them. How cool is that?

Impact: 4


8. The Great Suspender

Ahhhh..The Great Suspender..where have you been all this time? If you guys are like me, and I’m sure all of us Internet marketers are the same, you probably have like gazillion tabs opened in Chrome at any given time. This behavior is something that our computers don’t endorse because it uses up a lot of processing power.

What The Great Suspender does it literally suspends/freezes tabs that you’re not currently using, which in turn saves up your memory.

You have multiple options, from suspending just one tab to suspending all but the one you’re on. Trust me, you’ll love this plugin!

Impact: 3


9. BuiltWith

BuiltWith is an incredible chrome tool that literally helps you find out what tools – from hosting, website platform, to plugins and CDNs, a particular website is using.

So if there is a website you’re curious about or perhaps you just like the look, this tool will help you reverse engineer it, showing you all of its building blocks, including where on the Internet is website advertising.

Pretty interesting plugin that can come in very handy.

Impact: 4


10. Sniply

Sniply is an astonishingly powerful chrome plugin that’ll work wonders for you if your blog or social media channel has an already established audience.

This incredible tool allows you to post your very own CTA over other people’s blog posts or content. I know, unbelievable, right?

So for example, you share an interesting piece of someone else’s content on your Facebook page or Twitter feed, and if your audience interacts with it, they will prompt a CTA popup asking them to subscribe.

If you’re short on great posts or your own posts in general, but want to give your audience great content from a lot of other more established sources, you can do it, while at the same time capturing new leads and driving traffic to your own stuff.

Impact: 5


11. Eye Dropper

I’m sure it happened to you before. You stumble upon a website theme, a logo, and fall in love with the color they chose. You spend hours trying to find the right hexcode but it just isn’t it. Well, Eye Dropper is here to save your day!

This is an absolutely awesome little extension that lets you find ANY color on any website online, and all that with just one click. It gives you the exact hexcode, that you can just copy and pasty into your own pallette.

Impact: 3


12. Gmass

Gmass is probably my favorite free marketing tool. It’s an absolutely free plugin, capable of performing almost all the task the premium emailing tools do.

It allows you to send a bunch of emails with just one click, including one-click follow up campaigns, allowing you to send up to 10,000 emails at once.

You should definitely check this one out!

Impact: 5


13. HootSuite

We’re all familiar with HootSuite at this point. It’s a jam-packed plugin full of useful applications.

It’s a social media powerhouse, that allows you to do everything from scheduling new posts to being able to share posts accross different social networks all at once.

If you’re website demands a greater social media presence, and you’re still in the process of figuring out the entire automation thing, because this stuff can be time consuming if done by hand, HootSuite is a time saver!

Impact: 4


14. Ritetag

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on Twitter, either on your personal profile or the one belonging to your website, you must be familiar with the pain of trying to find the right hashtag so your post would reach more people.

This is where Ritetag comes in. Once pressed, it automatically comes up with and inserts the most appropriate and most popular hashtags relevant to the subject of your tweet.

Impact: 4


15. Similar Sites


So there it is guys. This is my top 15 Google Chrome extensions for affiliate marketers. There’s literally a plethora of them. I keep stumbling upon new ones almost every day. So if you guys have some other favorites that you use regularly, please share them in the comment section.

Also make sure to share this article with your friends, or other people into Internet marketing, because this stuff really makes your affiliate life easier.

Thanks for reading.


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