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QwikAd Review | Free Targeted Web Traffic

For all affiliate or internet marketers out there, getting traffic to their offers, websites, stores and blogs is a number one priority in a money earning game. The more eyeballs the better the chance of more clicks and more sales, as simple as that. qwikad review

While organic search traffic that your website gets has an unbeatable gold standard when it comes to visit to conversion ratio, it shouldn’t be the only ball in the game.

Together with the plethora of free social media traffic powerhouses, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinerest, and Instagram, to name just a few uber popular ones, you should also set your sights on online classifieds – those sites where you can put up your ads for free. qwikad review

The main reason I am bringing them up is because of their super-targeted-traffic-nature. You pick and choose the categories and subcategories where you want your ad placed, which in turn delivers only the right people to your website door, making sure those who are not really interested in the topic you serve , stay away and thus not raise the detrimental bounce-rate. qwikad review

As one of the best classified sites, that indeed delivers way more than you can expects from this type of website or online services is definitely QwikAd.com

Their website was launched sometime in 2012, and since that time has experienced an unbelievable growth.

Hundreds of thousands of daily visitors is making it one of the most successful classified sites today.

The best feature they have, and the main reaso I am recommending it to all the affiliates I encounter, is their free ad service, which you can try right now!

The ad you post for free stays up for 60 days, and you are not limited by the number of free ads you can post.

QwikAd.com also doesn’t hassle their users with accounts and email activation in order to post ads, although if your intention is to post often, which it should be, it is best for your own personal transparency, in order to keep track of your ads, to make a free account with them. qwikad review

When you post an ad, they do send you a confirmation email for viewing/managing ad purposes.

Your free ad comes together with a full blown text and image, so you can really capitalize on the free viewers/visitors you get from it. qwikad review

Really, there’s no reason not to try this. It’s amazing, and as I said, it has helped me big time with getting targeted traffic to my own offers, especially the Webcam Agent ones.

You can post your ads from anywhere in the world to any location in the world, within all 6 inhabited continents.

Every contninent is divided into countries, and every country into cities and towns, much like any other popular classified site. qwikad review

While the Income Ops category is the one Internet and affiliate marketers use most often, other featured categories are Real Estate, For Sale, Local Life, Jobs, Services, Social Media, Wanted Ads, Auto Sales, and Pets For Sale.

QwikAd.com of course offers a paid ad service, that costs $5 per ad, which is among the cheapest on the Internet. The paid version allows you to use a 728 x 90 banner for your ad, put your ad on top, make it more prominent, and feature it all throughout the website.

The duration for paid ad is also 60 days, and it doesn’t have any recurring charges. Once your paid ad expires, you are the only one who can renew it.

Every review I make on here is made with the affiliate benefit in mind. I am constantly looking for free/cheap services out there to help my fellow Internet marketers make their all desired breakthrough and get the life that they deserve without having to invest much, knowing that they have already invested a substantial ammount of money in domains, hosting and website making in general.

Give QwikAd a try. I am sure you will love it!

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Johnny Bolt
Johnny is a successful online entrepreneur and internet marketer. His online achievements allowed him to fulfill his dream of travelling the world, and live a true 'click millionaire' lifestyle. The main goal of Trend Army is to provide you with absolutely everything you need to start your own online adventure and fulfill your own internet lifestyle dream. Johnny started his success journey at WealthyAffiliate.com

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  1. I have used Qwikad for advertising my new website and my online IM course, and have had great success with it. I kinda feel bad that you’re posting about them because they were my hidden gem for traffic and now more people are gonna find out about them. :))

  2. 1.Please can I promote Maxbounty offer in qwikad
    2. If yes can I use a landing page or can u give me a better example of product to promote

    • Johnny Bolt

      As an ad platform, you can really promote anything with QwikAd, Maxbounty included. Landing pages are okay. Just make sure your ad text/picture are attention grabbing enough.

  3. Jean A. Farrow

    I put my ClickBank link ad on qwikad, because I didn’t really have success promoting CB products anywhere, and I made 5 sales in two days. This may not sound as much to some, but it’s freaking amazing when you make your first money online!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  4. This website is a real gem! Muchas gracias for sharing so much great info.

  5. I get tons of traffic from Qwikad to all my landing pages. Loved them since the first time I stumbled upon them. Wish there were more high quality traffic sources like them.

  6. Hi johnny I need your help.. Can you help me register a clickbank account ? I can’t register from my location here in Nigeria please help me

  7. Hi Bolt

    Does it work with Adsense?


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