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MoreNiche Review | Earn Big 50% Commissions Per Sale!

As I’ve stated in my Best Niches in 2018 article, health and weight loss industry is not only an evergreen one, but a constantly growing one, with more and more people wanting to improve their health, well being and improve on their beauty in some way. MoreNiche review

And as such, this industry is a cash machine for affiliates that get involved in it. I have two niche authority websites in both health and male enhancement niche and they are a real goldmine!

If you’re thinking of starting a website in one of those niches, and if you want to know what the best affiliate program for monetizing your websites is, it’s without doubt the MoreNiche affiliate program. It’s the best health and wellness affiliate network, and my #1 choice when it comes to health industry. Here’s why.

MoreNiche affiliate network, as one of the leading health and well being affiliate networks offers bar none the biggest commissions in the mentioned niches. And big commissions are exactly what we affiliates want.

On top of that, MoreNiche offers exclusive and proven brands with some of the highest customer satisfaction records in their respective industries, where you get paid for each product sold through your affiliate link, REGARDLESS of whether the person returns the product or not. This is huge! moreniche review

With big and proven brands that MoreNiche represents, you’re certain that you’re getting some of the biggest commissions in the industry, where you earn anywhere from 40%-50% per sale! That’s the highest commission rate in the health and well being industry that I’ve seen. MoreNiche review

Why would you bother with Amazon’s affiliate program and their 4%-7% commissions and short-lasting cookies, when with MoreNiche you get top commissions, plus LIFETIME cookies for the majority of their offers.

That means, if a person clicks on your link to a product, and if they return to the website later, in a few days or months and end up buying the product, it doesn’t matter when, you’re still getting the commission!

The healthy nutrition, bodybuilding and male enhancement markets have been gathering a huge following in the last few years, and became some of the biggest niches in the world, which MoreNiche recognized and featured some of the best offers in that field. With CrazyBulk (where you get 40% of the sale), Bauer Nutrition, and SizeGenetics (where you get 50% of the sale) as the networks leading brands, whose products convert like crazy.

Check them out and see for yourself:

SizeGenetics (the best male enhancement device on the planet with the huge number of satisfied customers!)

CrazyBulk (massively converting bodybuilding supplements that guys are crazy for)

Bauer Nutrition (online store that features top brands from the weigh loss and health niches)

So if you already have established website in the bodybuilding, male enhancement and weight loss niches, or if you’re thinking of starting one, MoreNiche has some of the best converting offers in those fields.

When it comes to payments, MoreNiche sends payments every two weeks in the world’s biggest currencies, and they do it via bank wire, PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and even Bitcoin!

My personal choice is Payoneer, although I have a Skrill account as well. If you don’t have either one, I suggest you open them. They’re absolutely free, and they both come with the prepaid MasterCard, that you can use for purchase or cash withdrawal anywhere in the world! They both come in multiple currencies and you can select your currency of choice.

Open your free Skrill account HERE.

Open your free Payoneer account HERE and get a $25 bonus!* 

Also, the payments are guaranteed by MoreNiche, which means that even if a particular merchant decides to leave the network abruptly, all the pending commissions are paid to you by MoreNiche directly. I honestly don’t know of any other affiliate network that would do the same. This is why I love them.

When it comes to affiliate support, MoreNiche is outstanding! They have one of the best affiliate support teams, and they are very prompt and responsive. When you join, you get your own affiliate mentor to help guide you through.

If you ever need help, there’s a super responsive chat, email, and forum. All members of the affiliate team have their own Skype, so you can contact them via Skype as well. These people really know their stuff, their approach is personal and professional, and they sure do motivate and inspire you to reach ever greater success. You don’t really see that with other affiliate networks of this size. moreniche review

So there you have it guys. If you’re in the health and well being niches, you can’t miss with MoreNiche, so join now! It’s free, and you’re instantly approved. No waiting, no nothing. moreniche review

Join MoreNiche Affiliate at MoreNiche.com

If you still don’t have a website, and if you find it hard to get started on your own and get your online business off the ground, I strongly urge you to take this FREE Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training, that takes you from picking your niche, to creating your website and earning your fist commissions, all for absolutely free! It’s unbelievable, but it’s true. You get to make two free websites with them. This is how I started out, and many of my friends, and we’re all running highly successful websites now in various niches. Take advantage of it! 

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