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How To Get Approved by CrakRevenue In One Easy Step

If you’re on this page reading this, chances are your application was rejected or denied by the CrakRevenue team, and you’ve received an email from them that looks something like this:


Well, don’t worry, it also happened to me to, when I applied the first time.

While reasons for their refusal of an application may differ from case to case, chances are they rejected your application because of something you wrote on it, that they either didn’t like or simply found the information you provided them insufficient enough. A small or non existent website, not enough traffic, etc.

I wish I could say one of their agents might have had a bad day and rejected you because of it, but knowing guys that run CrakRevenue and knowing how great their customer service is and how prompt they are, chances are that they had a valid reason for rejecting your application.

Many people try this a few times, with different email address, hoping for a different result, just to get rejected again and eventually give up, thinking that it’s too hard to get inside.

While Googling “Hot to get approved by CrakRevenue”, you’ve probably stumbled upon a few other websites or forums addressing this issue, and you might have seen that some of them advise that you put already established, but lesser known, websites as your own, so your application would look more legit – with websites that already have an established audience and enough traffic.

While this might have worked for some or may continue to work, I highly doubt people at CrakRevenue, who btw know the niche they’re in so well, aren’t familiar with all the already established websites you’re submitting them.

If you think nobody before you sent them that particular high-traffic website, you’re wrong.

These guys know everything. What happens is, that sometimes they do acknowledge the lengths some of the applicants take to get themselves approved, so they approve them.

And this should be your “aha” moment.

Yes, you too can get approved, but not by submitting something that’s not yours, but by pure honesty.

You see, once I got refused the first two times, I decided to write their customer service/application agents back and ask them for a reason I got rejected, telling them of my huge interest in becoming their affiliate, pointing out my strengths, basically giving them reason after reason why they should accept me.

You can contact their agents either through a message form found in the bottom right corner on the CrakRevenue website, or through this email support@crakrevenue.com.

I was persistent, but also careful in my email, trying to not sound too pushy. And “boom”! My application got approved.

I got a guy emailig me, their affiliate manager, emailing me, and he was very prompt, enthusiastic and actually happy to see me become their affiliate. So yeah, this is how I got approved.

Some of you might not like to beg for stuff in life, but I want to remind you that even though this might sound as a form of begging, it wasn’t. I saw it as the only way to get approved and become an affiliate of this reputable CPA company, and I did.

You always have to remember that their business is actually run by their affiliates. They are the ones who drive traffic and they are the ones that make them money.

And while they can refuse you if they don’t think you’re fit enough or serious enough or might not have enough to offer, they do need new people in their army of affiliates and they need them constantly.

So, if you’re serious enough and determined enough, just take what I did and apply it to your own refusal case, and get on making some money with the famous “CrakRevenue Method“.

If you’re smart enough and skilled with words, you’ll find your way to the application agent’s heart and you’ll probably get approved.

Again, as I said, this doesn’t have to work, but it is very well worth a try.

UPDATE: If the approval still continues to be a problem, you can apply to be Chaturbate Affiliate and use the same upload method with them. They approve you instantly! Apply here!

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