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Flipping Method 2018 – Make $100 a Day Re-Selling Other People’s Services

When it comes to making money online fast, the method I am going to share here with you, known as “flipping method” is among few of those that work the fastest and bring back results tremendously fast.

While I named this method “flipping”, it’s important to point out that it has absolutely nothing to do with website flipping. It’s an entirely new category.

Flipping method is not something I came up with, but instead something I just happened to notice online, since I spend an awful lot of time researching the methods to make money online.

At the very core of this method is the idea of a “middle man” – someone who stands between the service provider and the customer, while at the same time profiting the most.

You perhaps wonder how?

In order to profit hugely what you need to do is you need a service you can buy at a low price and later re-sell it at a higher price.

The method I actually stumbled upon can make you up to 400% profit, and it’s no joke!

I was surprised that not too many people are aware of this, and some who are aware of it just aren’t willing to put a little work into it so it could take off.

In short, what you’ll do you’ll be buying either physical or digital goods and services from Fiverr.com and re-selling them on Etsy.com That’s it!

With the flipping method you don’t need to deal with any upfront costs, packaging and shipping.

Once you, for example, receive an order on Etsy.com, you hop on to Fiverr.com and place an order for like $5 and tell whomever is delivering that order to send it directly to your Etsy buyer, without anyone knowing you were just a middle man.

This way you can turn $5 you spent on Fiverr.com into $20 or even $40 that you charge for on Etsy.com

And here’s an example:

trendarmy.net fverr

A custom made digital caricature drawing being sold on Fiverr.com


A custom made digital caricature drawing being sold on Etsy.com

This is just one example of the huge potential behind the flipping method. It works from any country in the world and it works for absolutely anyone! You just need to be willing to put in some work, and watch money rolling in.


Finding Offers to Sell

When it comes to finding offers to sell, Fiverr marketplace has an abundance of people offering great products/services for dirt cheap.

Here you have to decide whether you want to re-sell physical or digital products or perhaps both.

So if you’re new to Fiverr.com, all you have to do is Open Your Free Fiverr Account here, and start looking for products.


As you can see when you look at the search bar, you have plenty of categories to choose from. I usually stick to digital goods only, and concentrate on finding great offers in that section.

trendarmy.net fiverr search

So instead of browsing different categories for products and services, you just type in the search bar “digital portrait caricature” for example, and look at the displayed results.

When you click on a particular offer that you like, it is extremely important to look at the 5 star feedback rating, and the delivery time!!


Always choose those gigs that have at least 4.5 star or 5 star ratings!

The delivery date is important to you because that is the same expected delivery time that you’ll put on your version of the same offer on Etsy.com

So this is basically it! Once you’ve decided what offers you want to promote, you save them and their information and you’re ready to hop on to Etsy and start creating your store.

If you guys think this flipping method is complicated stuff, please believe me it is not! Yes, it requires some initial work until everything is set up, but if you need quick money, that alone will be enough of a motivation for you.


Opening Your Etsy Store

So once you go to Etsy.com, you press the button “Sell on Etsy”.


The popoup screen registration form will popup, where you’ll be able to register either via email or through your social media accounts, whichever you prefer.


Then, you’ll be prompted to the page where you’ll have to enter all the other general info, like billing, adresses and stuff like that.

The most important thing of all of those will be the name you choose for your Etsy shop. Make sure it’s something memorable, catchy, that represents what you’re doing or selling in your store.


It’s all pretty straightforward stuff. You only need to follow the on screen instructions, be a bit creative and you’re all set.


Adding Your First Listing

To add your first listing, you go to Settings -> Listings -> Add a Listing, and follow all the onscreen requirements.

You add the photo, tittle, price, description, and whatever you do, make sure it stands out and is catchy.

After you publish your first listing, you’ll be able to see it inside your store.


Driving Traffic to your Store/Listings.


It goes without saying that it is extremely important to maintain great image with your customers on etsy. So make sure your friends and family click that little heart next to your store’s name, and always strive to have 5 star ratings, as many of them as possible. Like Fiverr.com, your rating is a huge determining factor whether someone will purchase the service from you or not.

When it comes to driving traffic for flipping method, not taking into consideration the natural traffic Etsy itself will send your way, you can promote your store by creating its Twitter account, Facebook group (Facebook pages aren’t a thing anymore since Facebook’s last algorithm change), Pinterest board, YouTube and so on.

These free traffic sources can do wonders for you if you’re ready to put in some work. Traffic driven that way is some of the best your store will ever see.

On the other hand, you can always create a $5 laser targeted Facebook ad promoting your listing.

Remember that the best time to make huge amounts of money this way is around and during major Holidays! Always make sure to add a particular upcoming holiday related listing, because people are manic spenders when the gift shopping time comes. 


There you go. Now you have a complete blueprint on how to make the Flipping method work for you. I’ve held absolutely nothing back!

For any questions, feel free to comment bellow.

Also, if you’re serious about creating a massive passive income stream and reaching the full potential of online money making, make sure to check out this free Wealthy Affiliate training. It takes you through absolutely all the steps from creating a website to earning a full time passive income.

P.S. While the method is working for me, it does not mean it will work for you, especially if you’re not willing to put the required time and effort to make it work. Yes, there is an enormous potential in this method, but it all depends on the “you factor” – the amount of time you put in, your determination, your work ethic etc.

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  1. Is there any initial capital needed

    • Johnny Bolt

      Well, yes. You have to have your own money available to first order things on Fiverr, in order to charge more for it on Etsy.

  2. Johnny Bolt

    Unfortunately you can’t. You have to use your own money to order on Fiverr, since money from Etsy order won’t become available right away. Same for Fiverr.

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