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ClickBank SlideShare Method 2018 – $100 a Day Uploading PDFs

In this series of posts on free ClickBank money making methods I’ve come across and tested another very lucrative approach to making money with ClickBank offers using an absolutely free traffic generating method – document and PDF sharing websites.

So, in case some of you are unfamiliar with those kind of sites, they are places where people share a bunch of free niche oriented documents and PDFs for other people to download, share and use.

These websites, that allow you to upload your own docs and PDFs have an extremely high traffic flow and with it, a very high earning potential for those Internet marketers who know how to take advantage of that.

According to Alexa.com on the day of the publication of this article, slideshare.net is 165th most visited website on the Internet while scribd.com is 314th. These two are the biggest document sharing sites today, with the largest ammount of free flow traffic.

They are ranked high in Google because they have high authority, have a massive community of both uploaders, readers and downloaders, where you can expect your uploaded files to get views literally minutes after you’ve put them up.

But you might ask yourself how this stuff actually works and can make you money.

It’s quite simple actually.

Once you’ve picked a ClickBank offer to promote – the one with the biggest gravity score, like we’ve discussed in our previous posts, you create a small PDF report related to the subject or niche that your ClickBank product represents.

The point of this document is, while providing value to the one who reads it in terms of information, to also serve as a pre selling, that will eventually nudge the reader to click on the link inside the document and at least check it out.


Many affiliate marketers don’t link it straight to the offer, instead they link it to thear lead page or squeeze page. Remember, you should always look at every visitor not only as a potential customer who you can sell something to, but as a repeat customer.

That’s why it might be wise to capture their emails first, which will give you plenty of opportunity to serve them, and not spam them, with other affiliate offers that are related to the subject they care about.

As an example, I am goin got give you a link to a slideshare PDF document that someone uploaded, obviously promoting a very popular ClickBank offer “3 Week Diet”.


As you can see, it’s got 14,000 views and an incredible number of social shares.

So, if you decided to follow this example, first you should open your slideshare.net account.

You can only do so if you already have a LinkedIn account. So if you don’t have that one yet, go ahead and open it.

To upload your PDF file, you have to marely choose the file and click the upload button.

Many ClickBank vendors will provide you with shareable PDF copies that presell their product for you, with your affiliate links inside, so the majority of affiliates use that.

Now, if you want to create something more original and have a more professional approach or give another angle at the product you’re promoting, you can create one such PDF yourself.

I’m sure all of you are skilled with word processing programs on your computer.

The best tool to produce a PDF file is definitely OpenOffice. It’s a free office software package packed with incredibly useful stuff, that you can download here http://www.openoffice.org/download

Once you’ve installed it and opened the Writer tool. You’ll notice a cool “create PDF” option in the upper left corner.

So if you’re good with Microsoft Word, you’ll be able to craft a pretty nice document in Open Office Writer and convert it into PDF.

You’ll notice there’s an option for placing links behind text, use it, place your affiliate links on all the appropriate places, but without trying to overwhelm the reader.

It should look natural. And your recommendation of a specific product should be natural and should usually be placed somwhere towards the end of the document.

If you plan to follow this method, please make sure each document you upload is completely different, because duplicate content uploaded from one user will be deleted.

There you go, and incredibly straightforward, yet powerful method to make money with ClickBank without spending a dime.

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  2. Johnny, where could I find which Clickbank vendors who have shareable PDF copies that presell their product for you, with your affiliate links inside? Thanks.

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