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ClickBank Google Alerts Method 2018 – Make $100 A Day

As you guys already know, ClickBank is the world’s biggest and most renowned digital marketplace. And one of the best affiliate programs to make money online fast.

Anyone can promote ClickBank products and make some sweet quick money with it.

This is also probably one of the most versatile affiliate programs online today since you can post your affiliate links virtually anywhere online and make money.

This is where people’s creativity and ingenuity comes to play, because, contrary to popular belief that you need to invest money in order to make money on the internet, with ClickBank, that is not the case.

You can earn without investing a penny, through various ways of promotion, and here I am going to share one of them with you.

I call it ClickBank Google Alerts Method.

But before I get onto explaining how to do it, you need to pick a ClickBank offer to promote.

Now, ClickBank is an enormous marketplace, with tens of thousands of products to choose from, however, not all of those products are worth promoting – not all of them are converting well.

While it is considered a general rule of thumb for you to promote products in niches that you feel passionate about you can really promote anything that converts well and can potentially make you a lot of money.

What you need to do when you’re in your CB marketplace dashboard, whatever category you pick on the left, make sure to sort all of the products offered based on the “gravity”.

The greater the gravity of the product, the better the product is to promote.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, gravity represents a number of affiliate who are currently making sales from that particular affiliate product.

And while the greater number of gravity may put you off, if you look at it as more competition, it shouldn’t!

Internet is limitless when it comes to money making opportunities, and there’s place for everyone to make money!

So, to cut the story short, once you’ve picked your affiliate product to promote and have your link, it’s time to put it in front of people who are interested in the niche/subject that product covers and are likely to make a purchase.

Now, Google Alerts is an probably a lesser known but still an incredibly useful service that Google provides.

People use Google Alerts to get notified when there’s a new article released covering a key word subject they’re interested in.

Smart Internet marketers have taken advantage of that and put their own spin on its use. They use it to generate traffic and sales.

With ClickBank Google Alerts Method you don’t need to invest anything, no need for a domain, hosting, website, nothing.

So, once you have your huge and often ugly ClickBank affiliate link, you go to a service like tinyurl.com or bit.ly and shorten the link.

Once you’ve done that, you go to https://www.google.com/alerts

There you have to create your campaign.

First you have to find a keyword that is relevant to the product you’re promoting. So if it’s a popular weight loss product, you can type in “weight loss”, “lose weight” etc. After that you should click on “show options” in order to further optimize your campaign.

In the “How often” field you choose “as it happens”, as “source” you put “automatic”, for “language” you pick “English”, you don’t have to specify the region, but you could, for “how many” field you choose “all results”, and in the “delivered to” field you pick “your email”.

When all this is set up, you click “create alert” button and you’re all set.

The way this method works is fascinatingly fast. After a few hours, or sometimes after only minutes, you’ll receive an email notification about a new published article related to your key word.

What you need to do it click on the article, and read it completely, and then leave a comment, that should in no way look like spam!

So try to understand the article and leave a sensible comment related to the subject that article talks about, then, at the end of your comment you should include the shortened ClickBank link.

That’s basically it.

What you need to do in order for this method to give truly great results is repeat this with 20 articles a day, because Google Alert will send you plenty of notifications within a day about your chosen key word.

Leave as much comments per day on relevant articles and soon you’ll have hundreds if not thousands of people checking your comment out and eventually clicking the link.

Now, many writers and blogs out there do not allow links in their comments and tend to delete all the comments that look spammy, so that’s why you need to leave value in your comment. It will tremendously increase the likelihood of your comment not being deleted.

This is a rinse and repeat process and quite straightforward.

While this method will give you an opportunity to make a quick buck and repeatedly do so, if you’re one of those serious people who want to make a full time living from an online business, having your own website cash cow is the best way to accomplish that. And one of the first steps I recommend you take is this free course from Wealthy Affiliate that takes you through every step of the process. I warmly suggest it, because it’s absolutely life changing and it costs you nothing.

P.S. While the method is working for me, it does not mean it will work for you, especially if you’re not willing to put the required time and effort to make it work. Yes, there is an enormous potential in this method, but it all depends on the “you factor” – the amount of time you put in, your determination, your work ethic etc.

Thanks for reading,


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