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Make Money With Chaturbate | Chaturbate Affiliate Program

You know, some people cringe at the very thought of making money online through being a popular porn website affiliate, not realizing the massive potential this industry has to offer, with close to 80% of the Internet traffic in it’s entirety consisting of porn. Yes, it’s true! chaturbate affiliate program

And if you’re a struggling Internet marketer or if you desperately need to make some quick money online fast, believe me when I tell you that this is one of the best ways to do it that guarantees quick results. chaturbate affiliate program

The entire porn industry is incredibly massive, where the need for the videos of this kind is ever increasing. That should be enough of a reason for you to jump right in without giving it a second thought, because you do need to take advantage of it right now!

I mean, my intention is not to scare you, since this niche and this industry, especially this method that I will be laying out in front of you in this text will never get overly saturated because of how huge this industry is. But the faster you get into it, the faster results will come.

Now, of course porn does not in any way have to be something that you personally enjoy, for you to take advantage of the great earning potential it represents. If you have a moral problem with it, choose to see it as sort of a take off step, that will give you some quick money, quick earnings, that you could use to invest into something you prefer more and are inclined more towards. chaturbate affiliate program

The method I will be explaining here is the regular porn upload method, with a twist, that virtually guarantees great conversions and big earnings, if you do it as I say, and consists of the following steps:

  1. Open accounts on multiple big porn sites

  2. Download porn videos recorded with cam (amateur videos with no watermarks)

  3. Open Chaturbate Affiliate account

  4. Register domain name and hosting

  5. Choose Chaturbate offer and redirect domain

  6. Upload videos

Step 1: Here you need to open accounts on as many popular porn tube sites as you can, in order to increase your earning potential later when you start the uploading process. The best popular sites that will allow this method to work are xvideos.com, pornhub.com, redtube.com, youporn.com and vporn.com, with xvideos.com probably being the best one, where most conversions usually come from.

Step 2: When it comes to downloading porn videos, the best way to do it is to first create a folder on your computer, a single one, where you will store all of the downloaded videos. chaturbate affiliate program

Now, when it comes to finding videos to download, the best source for doing so is a website called xhamster.com. You can naturally download any videos that you like, since xhamster.com has a handy download option bellow every video, but as I said, you should concentrate on webcam videos that are amateur in nature, made by individuals (not big studios) and that don’t have any logos or watermarks on them.

You’ll be able to find plenty of these videos, since new ones are posted almost every minute.

Step 3: Open a Chaturbate Affiliate account – If you’re not familiar with Chaturbate, it’s one of the world’s biggest porn webcam affiliate programs, perfectly set up to make their offers convert and make you as much money as possible when you promote them through this method.

You can open a FREE Chaturbate affiliate account HERE!

What I especially love about them is the fact that your affiliate account is approved instantly, unlike CrakRevenue, and you can start making money with them the same day!

What you basically do, is send traffic from the big porn sites, through your domain (I’ll explain that step later on) to Chaturbate offer, and when the user sings up, you make money! chaturbate affiliate program

The best thing yet, you can join this affiliate program wherever you are in the world, and get paid via Payoneer payment service.

You can open your FREE Payoneer account HERE!

Step 4: Now, when it comes to buying your domain name and hosting account for the purpose of this Chaturbate upload method, the very best, the most reliable and the most affordable place to do it is HostGator.com.

I recommend them because with their one year hosting package you get a FREE domain name, and there is basically no need to buy a separate domain name, which is super cool!

The other reason I recommend HostGator.com is the fact that, unlike other popular hosting providers out there, they are the BEST hosting company that supports redirecting domains to porn cam offers, which we need for this method to work! Here’s an additional list of hosting providers that support adult websites and porn redirection. Don’t try this method with other hosting providers, because they will shut your account down and remove your website and wipe out all your traffic.

To open a HostGator hosting account and get a FREE domain name, click HERE!

IMPORTANT: When choosing your domain name, make sure it has a cam or cams word inside, for example hornygirlcams.com. Those words make your domain instantly clickable.

Step 5: Once you’ve opened and confirmed your Chaturbate affiliate account, in your affiliate dashboard you will find a “linking codes” option/button where you’ll have displayed all the offers they have and the links to those offers. Best Converting Tour is the first link option and the best link to use, which converts the best.

Copy that one and head over to your Host Gator cPanel, where you’ll click on the “Domains” > “Domain Redirection” and paste your Chaturbate linking code in the redirection field, so whenever someone click on your domain name, they’re taken to the Chaturbate offer that makes you money. chaturbate affiliate program

If you have trouble with domain redirection, contact HostGator support, they’re very friendly, and they’ll do that step for you.

Step 6: Now it’s time to start uploading porn videos to all the previously mentioned porn tube sites that you have made your accounts on. Aim to upload 5 videos per tube site per day, so they don’t ban you for overly uploading stuff in the beginning. Do this for the first week, and then you can upload up to 10 videos per tube site. chaturbate affiliate program

When it comes to naming your porn videos, always be descriptive in your approach, knowing what yould trigger the viewers attention, and at the end/or at the beginning of the video title put your website name. So the viewer feels compelled to click type in the website in the search bar and visit your offer, which will make you money!

Rince and repeat with new videos every single day, and you’ll see big money start rolling in even in your first week!

Now, if you see yourself doing this, and if you don’t mind being a porn industry affiliate, you can greatly boost your earning potential by becoming a Webcam Model Agent, which you can read more about here. It’s an incredible way to make yourself a lifetime of truly passive income.

Thanks for reading,



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  1. This method has changed my life! Thank u for sharing this. I do both this and CrakRev method that u wrote about and I’m already making close to $1000 a week!! So much value on ur website. Keep doing the great work!

  2. which offer should we select can you suggest me

    • Johnny Bolt

      When you log in to your Chaturbate account, and click on the linking codes link, the best option is “Best Converting Tour” which is on the very top.

  3. I prefer Chaturbate to Crakrevenue. It’s working great for me.

  4. HI man…do you think this system can work in africa also…if i combine it with model agent ?Thanks y’ re a great man

  5. Thanks for your answer Johnny!an other question,…when you register in payoneer,they send you a firtschoce card or payoneer card?I google about it,i think they’re merged since march , so are they the same company working with the same rules?Waiting for your reply, my english is not good ,sorry!!

  6. I also prefer Chaturbate over Crakrevenue.

    Crakrevenue did not work for me at all , people now a days prefer live chat , and Chaturbate provide free chat and best converting comparing to any other chat sites.

    i am making around 300$ per week

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