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Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2018

Web hosting affiliate programs are one of the most obvious and sometimes one of the best ways to monetize your blog, if you’re into money making / website building niche. Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Since blogs such as this, covering topics of great interest to everyone who wants to start an online business, have an audience that needs to have a web site hosting provider in order to build their online empire, it should come as a natural thing to you to bank on that need and interest, and recommend them the best web hosting services out there.

Web hosting industry is enormous and incredibly competitive, and many companies out there are ready to pay you a lot of money if you can bring them new customers. Some of them will pay you as much as $100 per sale, an affiliate commission that is certainly way more appealing than Amazon’s $10.

Now, choosing which affiliate program to promote might be a bit tricky, because you can’t really risk your own and your blog’s reputation recommending an unreliable host just because their commission is $100.

When deciding which web hosting affiliate programs to promote, don’t take just the size of the commission into consideration, but also pricing, how reliable they are, and the quality of their service.

The best thing to do is to promote just one web hosting affiliate program, the one that genuinely resonates with you. Naturally it is desirable to promote the product that you yourself are using, but when it comes to hosting, that is not always the case.

So, here’s a list of the best web hosting affiliate programs, put in no particular order of importance.


Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 1. Siteground

The web hosting services that Siteground offers are among the best in the industry, and the company definitely deserves to be featured in the best web hosting affiliate programs chart. They have an extremely helpful customer support, which comes in handy very often when you run into issues with your websites uptime. When it comes to applying to become their affiliate, they are a bit more rigorous then the rest, but only because their affiliate program is very competitive. You can earn anywhere from $50-$125 per sale with them. You can apply for Siteground Affiliate account here.

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2. Kinsta

Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider, powered by Google Cloud Platform. They take hosting seriously, their service includes regular uptime checks, daily backups, free hack fix and 24/7 support. Their service is available for a wide variety of users, from SMBs to high traffic site owners, with plans starting from $30/ mo.They take good care of your website, so you can focus on your business, the blazing fast speed of your website is guaranteed.  Kinsta’s affiliate program allows you to earn up to $500 after each referral! They offer a one-time signup bonus, the amount of this depends on the plan the referral signs up for; $50 for Starter, $100 for Pro, $150 for Business 1-4, $500 for Enterprise level plans. On top of that, there’s a monthly lifetime recurring commission of 10%. On the custom affiliate dashboard affiliates can track page-views, subscriptions, and payments. You can apply for Kinsta’s Affiliate Program here.

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs  3. Crucial Hosting

Alright, Crucial Hosting might not be a name that everyone might recognize, but the quality of their hosting service and their affiliate income potential easily tops the rest of the competition out there. You can earn anywhere from $10 up to $3,000 with them, if a customer opts for dedicated hosting package, and this right here is an industry leading commission. Ho other hosting company offers that big of a payout per single sale! You can apply for Crucial Hosting affiliate account here.


Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program 4. BlueHost

With more than 20 years in business, BlueHost is one of a very few web hosting names that has managed to survive so long with almost spotless reputation. They have build a tremendous brand, are consistent with the quality of their service, the reliability of their servers and their support, with the maximum payout per sale of $65. What I also absolutely love about them it’s the ease of getting approved as an affiliate. They don’t take into consideration the number of monthly visitors your website has, which is a great thing for newbies. You can apply for BlueHost affiliate account here.


Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 5. iPage

Compared to other web hosts, iPage offers incredibly cheap hosting, maybe the cheapest in the industry with an almost year round special. And even though their hosting is like $2 per month, which let’s be honest is very appealing to new customers who are just starting out with their website business, you get a $105 commission! Now, there are some iffy reviews of iPage web hosting platform on the internet, so it’s totally up to you to decide whether you’d pick the commission size over the quality you’d recommend to your visitors. You can apply for iPage affiliate account here.


Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 6. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is yet another hosting company that I’d highly recommend to my visitors and that I’d suggest you become an affiliate of. They are extremely reliable and trusted, and have great dedicated hosting options. You can earn anywhere from $50-$100 with them per sign up, plus some pretty neat $5-$25 bonuses for which you’d have to follow some of their requirements. The thing with them is that as long as you make up to at least 3 sales each month, they’ll keep your commission at $100 per sale. You can apply for InMotion Hosting affiliate account here.


Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 7. HostGator

As their customer, I’m overwhelmingly satisfied with their web hosting services and have never had any issues with them. While it was hard to become their affiliate before, because they were stricter when it comes to the number of monthly visitors to your site, it’s easy to get approved now. They are my preferred web hosting affiliate program. When you get accepted, you can earn anywhere from $50 to $125. The more customers you refer the more money you make, naturally. If you send them 21 sign-ups per month, you’ll get $2,625, which is great. You can apply for HostGator affiliate account here.


Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 8. Web Hosting Hub

With an extremely visually appealing website, reliable hosting service and superior support, WebHostingHub is a great company to refer your readers to. They accept your application instantly, and you can make $50 per referral. You can apply for WebHostingHub affiliate account here.


Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 9. TMD Hosting

TMD hosting, as a relatively young hosting company has managed to build a tremendously great reputation in the web hosting world in just a few years. Their affiliate program is incredibly competitive, allowing you to earn up to $200 per sale. If you refer 1-10 people per month, your cut is $50 per referral, if you refer 10-20, it’s $75 per referral, and so on. The more people you refer the more you get paid. You get paid $10 just to sign up with their affiliate program, and the payouts are monthly and done via PayPal. I’ve just recently started promoting them, mostly because they are one of a very few hosting companies that support adult website hosting, and it’s proven to be a great decision. Very satisfied with them. You can apply for TMD hosting affiliate account here.

So this is where I wrap up my list of best web hosting affiliate programs. Yes, there are other nice affiliate programs that were probably worth mentioning, but the one’s listed here is as good as you’d get. New web hosting companies are being launched almost daily, in an industry that is ever fluctuating, where in order to survive besides a reasonable price for the customer, you have to keep the reliability of your service and especially the quality of your support at a constantly great level.

If you have any suggestions, some great web hosting affiliate programs to mention, or any questions, please feel free to comment bellow.

Thanks for reading.


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