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Best Adult Website Hosting Providers for 2018

Online adult industry is an increasingly booming field, and those of you who are already in the business of owning adult websites or are thinking of creating one, know how lucrative it can be. adult website hosting.

As you already know, adult niche websites are notorious for having the potential to attract large number of visitors seemingly overnight, often flooding the hosting provider servers, upon which – if you didn’t choose your hosting provider carefully and read their terms of service, they can take your website down.

All that because you had no idea that your hosting provider doesn’t support hosting adult websites. And you’d be surprised at how many well known hosting company brands do not support it! adult website hosting.

As someone who owns successful websites in the adult niche, I’ve compiled a list of the best adult website hosting providers from some of the most recognizable companies in the hosting field – all of whom I personally use or have tested!

Because this article is mainly written for those of you who are just starting out as an adult industry affiliate, looking to build your first website in this niche, my main aim here will be presenting you with the best shared web hosting packages. adult website hosting.

As you probably already know, shared hosting plans are the absolute best and safest way to start an adult website (or any website for that matter) on a budget, until you develop it, build up traffic and make a brand.

While shared hosting means that you’re actually sharing the server that your website is on with other websites, it’s extremely reliable and it doesn’t impact your website’s performance in any way.

Later on, as your website grows, you can easily switch to a dedicated server, also within the hosting providers platform that I’ll recommend, so you’ll have a headache-free time with your adult website, to build a true brand and a life-changing business out of it. 


How to Pick Best Adult Website Hosting Provider?

With a lot of different shared hosting plans available out there, making the right choice when it comes to picking the right hosting plan for your needs may be quite bothersome.

Newbies in particular are struck by the plethora of options, and that’s why this part of the article will focus on letting you know what exactly to look for in a hosting plan – depending on what kind of adult website you’re planning to make. adult website hosting provider

Adult websites in general are quite demanding hosting-wise. As someone who owns adult websites, I know that your website will definitely be packed with videos, images, or a mixture of both.

With that in mind, you will have to go with the hosting providers that are time-tested and capable of handling great amounts of video streaming without any website down time.

Server performance and website uptime aside, another crucial thing you need to look for when choosing the best hosting provider is without doubt their customer support.

Regardless of whether you may have difficulties setting your website up, have any questions regarding the hosting platform, cPanel, or if a problem comes up with the hosting service itself, you want someone to talk to at all times – a prompt customer support, ready to solve any issue that might arise.

Another extremely important aspect of selecting the right hosting provider for your adult website is the use of CDN’s (content delivery networks) by the hosting provider. CDN’s are a web of servers placed all across the globe that speed-up the data transfer. adult website hosting

This is important for you because CDN’s mean faster loading websites from any part of the world. If your hosting provider does not support CDN, your website will load slowly, which will make your traffic numbers suffer and go down – because people hate slow loading websites, and you do to.

And if traffic goes down, so does your business, and you don’t want that.

As I said in the beginning, shared hosting is a perfect choice for every newbie out there who wants to kick off their website fast, with ease, do it right, without breaking the bank. I guarantee you that the options, reliability and all the features these shared hosting plans I am recommending have to offer, will meet your adult website’s needs above and beyond.

The shared hosting providers I have picked, are the leaders in the web hosting field, that I personally use for all adult websites that I own.

As the time goes by, and your website traffic grows exponentially with your income, your website will overgrow the capacity of shared hosting and will need to get upgraded to a better hosting plan, where the entire server’s power will be at its disposal. adult website hosting

It will need to get upgraded to either VPS hosting plan (Virtual Private Server hosting) or Dedicated Server hosting – which all of the hosting providers I will recommend have in their offer at an extremely affordable price, for a top quality service, so you’re guaranteed a smooth transition, when the need comes for it, from a shared hosting plan to a dedicated one.

Now that I’ve shared with you what to pay attention to when it comes to choosing the best hosting provider for your adult website, let’s take a look at the best of the best in this field – hosting providers that offer a powerful feature-rich shared web hosting service without breaking the bank.


HostGator Get TrendArmy HostGator Special >>

adult website hosting

HostGator is my number one choice, not only when it comes to adult web hosting, but web hosting in general. An amazing hosting company that has been around for a long time, developed a strong and trusted brand that stands for reliability, great customer service and great affordability. adult website hosting

HostGator not only has a great track record, but even their most basic hosting plans come packed with awesome features to help you launch your adult website and make it successful in a short amount of time.

I have been with other web hosting companies, great, good and bad, and HostGator is my hosting provider of choice. Most of my websites are hosted by them, including TrendArmy.net, and to be 100% honest, I would never change them.

When it comes to shared hosting plans – the most affordable ones of all – they are divided in three packages: Hatchling, Baby, and Business plan.

Although the cheapest at the price of only 3.95 dollars per month, Hatchling plan comes with every basic feature you need to start your adult website journey. It comes with a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, and most importantly unlimited disk space, which is extremely important for video and image-rich websites. All for an incredible low price.

The Baby plan differs from the Hatchling plan in the sense that it allows more domains to be hosted on the same plan – think of it as more websites on one hosting package, while the Hatchling plan allows only one domain/website per hosting package. adult website hosting provider

Although domains themselves are not expensive, getting the Baby plan will save you money in the long run – allowing you to use your free domains and build more websites.

The Business plan, which you won’t need if you’re only starting out, comes with everything the other two have, plus a dedicated IP address and a free SSL certificate.

HostGator also has a few more affordable hosting categories, including CloudHosting and WordPressHosting, that at a great price improve the speed and performance of your websites. But again, you won’t need those if you’re only starting out. The Hatchling and Baby plans will work perfectly well for all of your website needs.

HostGator supports WordPress across the board and on of its products, with every package coming with a powerful intuitive admin cPanel, packed with great tools and featured to help you tune and modify your adult website as you wish.

Another great reason I love HostGator so much is their 99.99% uptime, and a great customer support – believe me when I tell you how hard it is to find a provider with reliable and professional 24/7 customer support, and HostGator is unparalleled when it comes to that. All issues I ever had were resolved in minutes by their customer support agents, and for that I love them!

And if for any reason you happen to be unsatisfied with HostGator hosting, there’s a 45-day money back guarantee, that insures the quality of their web hosting service.

HostGator is a no brainer for me. I’d pick them any day, especially as adult-friendly hosting provider.


TMD Hosting  Get TrendArmy TMD Hosting Special >>

When talking about cheap yet feature rich and efficient shared web hosting providers, TMD Hosting is definitely among the best in that field. It’s an overall great option for newbies who want to save some cash on hosting fees, while at the same time getting an extremely powerful and reliable hosting service for their adult website.

Starting at only 2.85 dollars a month, the most basic shared TMD hosting package – The Starter package comes with a free domain name that is tied to your hosting package, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited SSD space.

There are no hidden tricks and surprise fees. With TMD Hosting you truly get a reliable website hosting for almost dirt cheap. And most importantly, unlike other hosts, TMD’s hosting is SSD (Solid-State Drivers) powered, which means that your site will load 20 times faster – another incredibly important thing that adult websites need in order to be successful.

As I’ve used TMD Hosting myself and was quite satisfied with their level of service, the thing I love the most about their service is the feature rich cPanel they provide you with, that helps tremendously in managing and quickly setting up of your WordPress websites.

Together with the plethora of step-by-step website setting-up tutorials, with which you can create your website in a matter of minutes, using all the latest installation programs that are made part of their cPanel, you also get a TMD hosting specialist that can install and set up your website for you for completely free!

If you’re a newbie, without much or any experience in website creation, these tutorials and help from a specialist are absolutely priceless. They save you a lot of time and nerves, and that’s what you want. You want to start your online adult website journey stress free.

What I absolutely love in a web hosting provider, and TMD Hosting truly takes that seriously, is my website security. You’d be surprised how many hosting providers don’t guarantee this, and the last thing you need is your website getting hacked. With their senior system administrators and a state of the art web based firewall, TMD makes sure your website is secured from all and any online threats and hacks.t website hosting

As I said before, fast, reliable and professional customer support is absolutely crucial when choosing a web hosting provider, and TMD hosting doesn’t fall back in that aspect.

I was very pleased with their online help center and 24/7 customer support available to solve any problem that might arise, through various means, including email, chat or via phone.

While their Starter package is all you need to start off your adult online journey, they also have two more shared hosting packages  Business and Professional, that come with a bunch of other extremely helpful features, including free SSL certificates.

They also offer a great VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting so you can easily upgrade if and when your adult website becomes ultra popular and requires more sources to handle the massive money making traffic.

Although I’m madly in love with HostGator, I have to admit, TMD Hosting, as an extremely affordable web hosting provider that supports adult website hosting, is an equally amazing choice, especially for those of you new to website creation. The guides and plenty of features it comes with will make it the right decision for sure.


Hostwinds  Get TrendArmy Hostwinds Special >>

adult website hosting hostwinds

As another one in the limited field of web hosting providers that support adult website hosting, Hostwinds comes as a bit of a surprise for a relatively small hosting provider – because of it’s incredibly powerful web hosting features that come, for that level of service – that would with many other hosting providers be considered business class hosting, with a very affordable price. adult website hosting

Their shared hosting packages come in: Basic, Advanced and Ultimate plans.

Starting at 4.50 dollars per month, the Basic plan comes with a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disc space – which is, as I mentioned before, great news for video and image-rich adult websites; and a free dedicated IP address.

Although higher in price per basic plan compared to HostGator and eHost.com, with Hostwinds Basic plan containing much of the same basic features, the reason why I featured them on this list it’s their incredible, unparalleled uptime of 100% and an amazing server speed, which makes for a faster loading website – and visitors love that, especially adult oriented visitors.

Because Hostwinds is made up of a small dedicated team, that strives to offer a top quality service, their customer support is also top notch. Available 24/7, via online chat, support ticket or phone.

In addition to me trying them out in the past, I have a dozen friends who are both in the adult affiliate industry and regular Internet marketing, hosting with them, and they are beyond satisfied with the level of service, and can’t stop bragging about the leading high-performance server that Hostwinds uses for its shared hosting. They love them.

The second in line, Advanced shared hosting package that starts at 5.50 dollars a month, differs from the Basic one just in the number of websites allowed on one hosting package – which in its case is 4. This is another reason why HostGator and eHost.com win here hands down.

The Ultimate package, starting at 6.50 dollars per month, in addition to all of the above, does allow unlimited domains and is geared towards more performance-demanding websites.

Where Hostwinds truly shine is their VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting plan, which is among the most affordable VPS hosting plans on the Internet, but it’s not something you need if you’re just starting out. It’s good to know though that if your adult website grows fast, and hopefully it will, you can easily upgrade to VPS plan with Hostwinds at a fraction of what you’d pay with other hosting providers.

So, if you’re someone that truly cares about the server speed and performance, including the 100% uptime, with an opportunity to upgrade to VPS without breaking the bank, then Hostwinds should be on your radar for sure.



I hope this article made shared website hosting a much more familiar subject to you, and helped you learn about the most important factors and aspects that you need to look for when making a decision on which hosting package or hosting provider to choose for your adult themed website.

I guarantee you that, whichever web hosting provider you go for out of the 3 that I presented you with in this article, you will make the right decision. You can’t really find anything better than these 3. They are the very top.

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  1. James McCarren

    As a Hostwinds user, I have to say I absolutely love them. Such great people run this company. You feel like you know their customer service agents personally how nice and helpful they are. All my websites run smoothly with them.

  2. I am hosting 5 adult sites with HostGator cloud hosting and have never had an issue with them. And I am happy to see you’re recommending them. Host companies come and go, but HG has been around for a long time, with a great reputation, and their hosting packages are cheap.

  3. Hostgator all the way!!!

  4. I have just made my first adult tube site with TMD Hosting. Thanks for recommending them. I had an agent set it all up for me.

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