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How I Made $30,000 in 8 Months With Amazon Niche Authority Site

Alright, here is a complete A to Z guide for you guys on how I made $30,000 with an Amazon niche authority site in just 8 months.

I realized there’s too much incomplete information on how to set up a profitable Amazon niche site out there, and to get it up and running and making money extremely fast, because that’s what we all want, so I decided to put this together and show you in a step-by-step manner how I did it.

You just have to realize that a lot of people out there who are just starting out waste too much time on reading and finding information on how to do it, without actually taking any steps. Well, not anymore.

Here’s how everyone does it, regardless of what they tell you.

If you follow this guide to a T, the way I laid it out, exactly, you will run an extremely profitable Amazon niche website in a matter of months.

And I’m not talking here about a simple Amazon-store like website, but a full blown Authority website powered by the Amazon Associates program.

Step 1: Keyword Research and Niche Selection

Because I was after speed here – the speed at which I would launch my website and dominate the google search pages, I had to partially leave my personal interests aside when it comes to niche selection – because many great niches that I was interested in and passionate about, already had so many great authority websites that ranked great for them.

Don’t get me wrong, making an authority website around a niche that you’re passionate about is a surefire way to success – it means that you can write articles yourself instead of hiring someone, and it also means that finding and creating content would be much faster and more enjoyable.

But if you’re niche of choice is already popular and already has many great authority websites based on it, it would take much longer for your website to rank well and eventually outrank those websites in order for you to make some serious money.

That’s why, when you want results fast, you pick a niche that not a lot of people are writing about or having websites about. Luckily there are a lot of those niches!

Now, if a niche is lesser known or small, it doesn’t mean your potential earnings would be small.

You might have a lesser audience, but it would be a super targeted one, that is sure to buy whatever you write about.

That’s why Keyword Research is extremely important here. It’s what guarantees your website’s success or failure.

In order to launch a successful authority website, you have to find low competition keywords.

My first step was to go to Amazon.com, and pick a category of most interest or relatively big interest to me, but potentially not over flooded.

So I picked the Home, Garden and Tools category;

then Patio, Lawn and Garden subcategory;

then Outdoor Power Tools;

and eventually String Trimmers

I did some grass trimming with string trimmers around that time and figured out how extremely popular they have gotten in recent years.

To check the popularity of a certain niche or a product you choose to make an authority website around, you can hop on to Google Trends, type it in, and see the trending curve for the past period of your choosing.

What you want to see is an upward trend of course.

So when I typed in ‘string trimmers’, this is what I got.

amazon niche authority site

Trend for the last 12 months was going up, and in a big way, and this is what I wanted to see.

Google Trends tool is extremely amazing for so many reasons, and I’m surprised not many people use it on a daily basis.

If you scroll down, you’ll see Interest by Region for the search term – showing the biggest search volume by a region for that particular term, which in my case happened to be US and Canada – which is exactly the region I wanted to target. amazon niche authority site

Now if you scroll further down on a Google Trend tool, it will show you the Related Queries, which are additionally extra helpful because it shows you exactly what people are searching for the most that is related to your search term.

I happen to discover that Ryobi Trimmer was an extremely popular brand of string trimmers, that people are searching after. Google Trends tool basically did all the research work for me.

And it will do the same for you.

The next step in your keyword research is to find a long tail keywords that you can target.

For that you head to Google Keyword Planner that is part of your Google Adwords package associated with your Google Account.

Here the best words to use to get great long tail keyword ideas are ‘best’ and ‘review’. These two are considered buyer keywords also, so always conduct your keyword research using these two along with your niche.

Once I typed in “Best String Trimmer” and pressed ‘get Ideas’ button, I got the following: “Best string trimmer for the money”, “best rated string trimmer”, “best string trimmer brand”, “best cheap string trimmer” and so on…

Repeat this same exact process using the word “review” instead. It will give you some more great long tail keyword ideas.

The next step consists of checking your competition by using Long Tail Pro.

I know many of you guys dread when someone mentions a tool that isn’t free, but believe me when I tell you that if you had to pick one paid tool to use on your affiliate marketing journey, Long Tail Pro is the one.

It’s so incredible important and powerful, it will literally pay for itself, since if you don’t do your keyword research right, you’ll struggle and it’ll take time until your website ranks.

If you can’t afford Long Tail Pro, you can use some of these great free Chrome Extensions for Internet Marketers, like SEOquake and MozBar extensions. While offering less options and giving limited insight into data, they are good enough to get some crucial information about your competition. amazon niche authority site

Back to Long Tail Pro. Once you type in your long tail keywords, like “best string trimmer” in my case, you look at the first 4 websites and pay attention to their Domain TF and CF (Domain Trust Flor and Domain Citation Flow) – they basically stand for power and authority of given sites.

So if the Domain TF and CF scores for the first 4 sites are higher than 35, you should avoid that keyword, simply because it will be hard to rank for it.

Check the same thing for all of your keywords.

If the first 4 websites happen to have scores lower than 35, the lower the better, it means that they can be easily beat in ranking process, which is good news for you and your authority site.

As you can see from the screen shot bellow, “Best String Trimmers” long tail keyword has the first 4 websites with a very strong Doman TF and CF, so I stayed away from that keyword and chose another one.

If you understand how the keyword research process works, and I hope that now you do, you will have no problem to rank your website for anything that you want. Whatever keyword tool you decide to use, I strongly encourage you to check out the Long Tail Pro page and watch the video, especially because you can try Long Tail Pro for 7 days for just $1. This tool will change your affiliate life instantly.

Step 2: Domain Research, Registration and Hosting

Most of the people here will advise you to not go for the exact match domain names, but in my experience, finding and getting a domain name that exactly matches one of the keywords that you plan to rank for, is extremely important and effective.

It basically means that if you plant to rank for “best baby strollers”, you should register BestBabyStrollers.com domain name, if it’s available of course.

Now, while .com domain extensions are the most trusted and pleasant to the eye, if the exact keyword match for that domain isn’t available in .com extension, go for .net or .org. It really doesn’t matter, since when you get your website up and running, they are all equally as powerful. amazon niche authority site

The best place to research domain names, and my personal favorite is CheckDomain.com. You type in the desired domain, and it tells you whether it’s registered or free for registration, as simple as that.

Once you find the domain name you’re looking for, you have to register it.

In order to preserve the costs, you should register your domain name together with your hosting account. Here’s where I recommend HostGator website hosting.

Together with the cheapest shared hosting monthly plan, which you can get for only $3.95 through this link, you get a FREE domain name. HostGator gives you the opportunity to register your domain name for absolutely free, at no additional cost. amazon niche authority site

The reason I recommend them over other web hosting providers is because they are extremely affordable, and I know that’s important to all of you out there just starting out with a limited resources. That being said, they are also top notch when it comes to website speed, security and customer service. For that price, I guarantee you, you won’t find that level of service and security anywhere else.

Once your website grows, you can move it to any of the more expensive hosting providers out there, but for now, HostGator is a life saver!

Now if you have money to throw around, and want the absolute best website hosting provider for your website from the very beginning, you can go for WP Engine web hosting, for which you can also get a discount if you click here. But in my opinion, 90% of the new affiliate marketers opt for HG, because it’s really all they need if they’re just starting out. amazon niche authority site

Step 3: WordPress Theme and Content

As you may have already noticed all throughout my website, WordPress is my platform of choice, and not only mine, but the platform of choice of all Internet marketers out there.

It’s made for newbies, incredibly easy to use, customize and manipulate.

Once you set your WordPress installation, you have to pick a theme. Here I know the most economic version is to go for a free theme, but free themes of course have their own disadvantages.

They look cheap, don’t have the best customization features and almost always require of you to have some sort of HTLM or CSS knowledge, which of course, many of you don’t.

To skip the additional headaches, I recommend using a professional theme, and my absolute favorite, and affiliate marketer’s absolute favorite is Divi Theme by Elegant Themes.

This theme is so versatile, intuitive and extremely easy to customize, you can literally make any kind of website out of it! And best of all, it’s a fast theme, which means it will load your website faster – and fast websites mean more traffic, which in turn means more money. amazon niche authority site

I mean, your authority website should be your baby, and you should go for the very best of features when it comes to creating it.

You can check the Divi Theme on this link, and if you decide to purchase it through that link, TrendArmy as Elegant Themes sponsor will earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

I know some of you will try to look for a nulled or cracked version of this theme, and while I can’t stop you – I feel obligated to tell you that it may potentially endanger your website. Those who null or crack WP themes ad additional lines of code to them, which Google frowns upon, and if detects a malicious code, it may derank your website or make it hard to rank.

Not to mention that nulled themes don’t offer lifetime updates and support that paid versions do, and may potentially make your website vulnerable.

And the last thing you want is your website to get hacked and all your hard work wiped out. This is why a professional WordPress theme like Divi and a reliable hosting provider like HostGator are extremely important.

Now onto the content. This is where real work begins.

Picking a niche that you’re passionate about is important, because it grants that you possess certain amount of knowledge about the subject, which is extremely important.

Knowing what to write about and enjoying the writing process is a huge relief. And even then, writing constantly is a hard work.

Since string trimmers are not something I am extremely knowledgable about, I decided to read some more about it, do some research, and then hire writers. amazon niche authority site.

If you want to save money, you can write your own articles using the keywords you found during your keyword research.

Otherwise, you hop on to Fiverr.com and start searching for good content writers. If you’re not familiar with Fiverr, you should check it out here. It’s a marketplace for freelancers that offer their work for $5 or more.

You find a fitting writer, give him guidelines and your research material, and see what they come up with. If you like their work, you stick with them.

It’s easier to work with one writer than with a lot of them, because in time, that one writer becomes familiar and knowledgeable about the subject you’re working on, yo they can produce good content, and do it fast.

You don’t need a lot of articles for your website to start ranking, but your aim should be at least two new articles a week, so you populate it with content – which makes people stay on your website longer.

Step 4: Link Building and SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and in my definition, it’s an art of ranking your website fast in search engines, or making your website discoverable by search engines fast.

Here you have on-page and off-page SEO, and while they are both equally important, on-page SEO is crucial.

On-page SEO: For on-page SEO, when you post your articles, you need to follow all the Yoast plugin parameters, until you get the green light. Make sure your post permalinks are short and that they contain the focus keyword of the article. amazon niche authority site

Because Google pays tremendous importance to the keyword variations throughout your article, make sure you include them as well. Meaning “best string trimmer review”, “review of the best string trimmers”, “string trimmer review”, “top string trimmers” and so on.

Off-page SEO: Here we’re talking backlinks! On-page SEO will make sure your website ranks naturally, but link-building speeds up the process tremendously!

Here is something that a lot of people will frown upon, but regardless of whether the links are irrelevant or not, you should get them, and as much links as possible!

Now it doesn’t mean you should take links from crappy websites, because they can potentially hurt you, but you definitely should hint down powerful backlinks.

And here you don’t have to worry about the niche being the same as yours. If you have a Golf website, and you get the link from a Cupcake website, it will work just as good if the Cupcake website is powerful.

But of course it’s best if you can get backlinks from niche related websites.

And how do you check the power of a certain website? Just install the free SEOquake Chrome extension, click on it once you’re on a particular website, and it will show you the most important website info, including the website’s Alexa rank. amazon niche authority site.

I consider powerful websites those who have their Alexa ranking bellow 30K, with those bellow 10K being the most desirable of course.

This extension will also show you the backlink profile of a website, which makes it an absolute must have.

Attention: You can get a massive link juice from some of the biggest Fiverr.com gigs in the SEO category that offer link building, but you should be careful when ordering these, because despite the great reviews those gigs have, you don’t know what kind of links you will be getting.

The next step is to find 20-30 active forums with high authority. They can be both relevant to the subject of your niche and irrelevant. Your aim is to be active on those forums at least for one month, asking questions, commenting, doing all the stuff to make your profile look as genuine as possible. amazon niche authority site

After the forums award you with some trust, you can start including your website link in your posts. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

This forum link juice is incredibly powerful.

You can do the same thing with Reddit, but in Reddit’s case, you use it as more of a potential traffic source than anything else. First make sure you are active member for some time, participate without any spammy behavior, and then, after you’ve earned some trust, start with posts including your website link. Whatever you do, just make it relevant to the subject.

While leaving links in YouTube video comments is considered spamming, what you’ll do here, once you find the videos relevant to your subject, is leave a genuine comment about the video subject. So if a video is about baby strollers, and that’s your niche, you leave a comment like this: “Quality baby strollers are really hard to find these days. Luckily, I’ve managed to find some great quality ones at (and here’s where you’ll put your website domain, but watch exactly how) BestBabyStrollers .com. Make sure there’s a space between the name of the website and the .com extension, so they don’t form a link.

Do this in as much relevant videos as you can, just make sure it doesn’t look spammy, although, it basically is spamming. To minimize the spamming effect, always make sure your comments are actually relevant to the subject of the video. amazon niche authority site

I also did some Guest posting as well, with a backlink to my website.

Anyway, the website traffic rapidly kicked off within 20 days of launching it. I made sure I had 10 articles already written before I launched a website, so my visitors would be engaged already.

For the next 7 months, I spent 4 hours every day working on the website, building a Facebook page, just growing it, and earning my Amazon commissions.

The first month was slow, I earned $127 in commissions. The second month was better, I earned $573 in commissions. In my eight month I made $6,785 in commissions, so the total for all 8 months was $17,836.

So, you’re probably asking..how did you make then $30,000 in 8 months?

Step 5: Selling a Website

Well. The deal is, I sold my website for $12,000.

You see. After my website got the reputation it did in a short amount of time, I started getting a lot of emails from people and companies who had their products on Amazon that wanted me to do reviews for.

One of them got interested in purchasing my website, so we eventually reached a deal.

I guess I could have gotten more for this website, but to be quite honest, I got tired from posting about string trimmers, and really wanted to get rid of it while it’s at its peak. And $30,000 is quite a nice sum for 8 months of work.

This is the exact formula you can follow to make the same ammount of money or even more, in the same ammount of time, whether you decide to sell your website and keep it out of passion for the subject.

I shared with you exactly how I did it, and I guarantee you, if you follow these steps laid out here, you’ll run a successful Amazon affiliate powered authority niche website in a matter of months!

If you have any questions, please post them in the comment section bellow, and I’ll be more than happy to answer. Also share this post with as many people as you can. Starting your successful online business is quite easy actually, and everyone should know how to do it fast!

Thanks for reading,



This article is primarily aimed at those of you who are a bit more knowledgeable about affiliate marketing and website creation and already possess a basic required skill set to put this success recipe into motion.

But if you’re a complete newbie when it comes to internet marketing, with a strong desire to succeed in this field and own a profitable website, I strongly suggest that you enroll into free Wealthy Affiliate training – which is hands down the best internet marketing training available online – a place to give you all the knowledge you need, tools and resources so you can become a successful affiliate marketer.

I owe my success to the Wealthy Affiliate training, after wasting so much time with other programs, and that’s why I keep recommending it to my readers. It’s absolutely free, you’ve got nothing to lose, and potentially an amazing and profitable future in the affiliate marketing to gain. Check it out here.


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      It’s all about research and research. You can find almost all the information about everything. If you’re a good writer, you can write a review based solely on the information that Amazon and Amazon customers provided about the certain product. Or you can pay a writer to do that. Although I strongly encourage you to do your own writing. When it comes to trimmers, people who buy them are interested in all other supplemental gear, gloves, belts, glasses etc. You incorporate all that.

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