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Make Money With AliExpress in 2018 Using AliPlugin

As you guys already know, I love discussing various affiliate programs since being an affiliate is the best and quickest way, if you do it right, to make money online fast. aliexpress affiliate

The biggest online retail names in the world such as Amazon and Ebay are crushing it out there, making billions of dollars in sales each and every day, all thanks to their highly engaged web of affiliates, people like you and me, who work hard to promote their products on their blogs and affiliate stores. aliexpress affiliate

Yet, another huge name has emerged in the last few years and is bound to overtake in size and scope the previous two mentioned. It’s Chinese owned global shopping mall called AliExpress.

aliexpress-affiliate program

It’s owned by AliBaba, the world largest conglomerate company, and it’s crushing sales records ever since it was launched. People love shopping at AliExpress, especially because many of their merchants offer free worldwide shipping, which let’s be honest, each and every customer loves to hear!

In this article I will show you how to get your slice of cake, and use the ever growing power of AliExpress to fill your pockets with some great affiliate cash. aliexpress affiliate

AliExpress affiliate program far outperforms all other online retail ones, with their huge 8.5% commission for every single sale they get from your customer referral.

And that’s just a starter comission. The more products you sell, naturally, the bigger your commission will get. It can grow up to amazing 20% per single sale, which is huge in terms of potential earning, since AliExpress sales absolutely everything, from the cheapest, to the most luxury expensive items, and you never know what the customer your refer to them is going to end up buying.

AliExpress has enough of promotional materials and year-round specials going on, it will make your head spin, which is good! aliexpress affiliate

The best thing yet, their affiliate program is not only free to join, but you don’t have to wait for any kind of approvals, the way you do with other online retailers. Your application is approved instantly and you can start making money right now. Join AliExpress affiliate program here.

Making money with AliExpress affiliate program can be extremely easy and very rewarding, if you know how to do it right. And in the next few paragraphs, I’m going to lay out for you the absolute best and quickest way to do it.

Introducing AliPlugin

When I started researching AliExpress store builders and plugins, looking for something to simplify the entire process, I stumbled upon AliPlugin, and it literally changed the game for me.

It’s a plugin that comes directly from AliExpress, and once you add it to your WordPress website, it automatically creates an AliExpress looking store out of it, basically a white label website.

If you want to check the plugin out and see how it works, you can do it here.

So, the plugin will basically make your website look like AliExpress, which will automatically make people who have heard about AliExpress before trust your site.

The plugin allows you to add products with a single click, hundreds and even thousands of them. It will keep your prices updated at all times, importing daily and weekly deals. Once a customer clicks on a Buy Button, they’re taken to the AliExpress product sales page where they can finalize their purchase with your affiliate link in, so you get the commission. You will not only get the commission for the product they decided to buy on your website, but for anything they purchase on AliExpress while on their shopping spree. It works much the same way as Amazon’s affiliate program.aliexpress affiliate

The greatest thing about this plugin is that it’s literally a full on auto pilot. You can schedule new product updates every day, and the plugin will take care of on page SEO, product prices, absolutely everything. The plugin gets a lifetime update from a developer, and can be used on unlimited number of sites – that you rarely ever get from other developers and plugins. aliexpress affiliate

The best thing I forgot to mention about being being AliExpress affiliate is the fact that they give their affiliates worldwide commissions!

AliExpress is literally a huge gold mine, and this plugin is the best key to open the doors to that gold mine.

To open AliExpress affiliate account click here.

To check out the AliPlugin click here.

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  1. Aliexpress seems to be getting huge nowadays! It sure looks like it could beat Amazon in the near future as the biggest online retailer, so this affiliate program sounds very good.

  2. I switched from Amazon affiliate to Aliexpress affiliate program and it’s the best decision I ever made. Earning far more since they ship internationally!

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