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5 High Paying Affiliate Programs That Can Make You Rich

Why would you do all this work of creating a niche related website just to earn a 4%-7% Amazon affiliate commission or sell a $9 ebook, when it takes just as much invested time and effort to promote products and services that can easily bring you enormous commissions.

It’s also important to note that while refund rates with low cost products are rather high, putting your hard earned affiliate commission at risk, refund rates for expensive products are much lower, mainly because people before making a big purchase tend to carefully think it through.

The product range here is extremely wide, in different unrelated niches, ranging from medical tourism and private jet charter to yacht charter, drones, golf and other expensive activities that are in high demand.

In this guide I compiled a list of XX high paying affiliate programs in XX unrelated niches, that both pay very high commissions and are in big demand.

This type of travel is always in demand, because there will always be people ready to pay lots of money to go on their dream vacations and holidays to remember. This guarantees huge commission payouts.

Luxury Link
Offers 4-6% commission on orders that average $1,200, with 60 day cookie duration. http://travelgroup.luxurylink.com/index.php/affiliate-platforms/affilateprogram

Sandals Resort.
Gives 4% commission and has EPCs of $137.99. 90 day cookies on Carribean
Holidays. You can find them on CJ.com

Orient Express Luxury Trains & Hotels
Offers 3%, with a 90 day cookie on it’s luxury train travel. Available on CJ.com

Africa Point
A renowned African safari company that offers up to 30% commissions and has an incredible 1 year cookie duration.

Luxury Travel Team
Luxury Travel and Cruise company that gives 25% bigger comissions compared to other cruise programs.

Tour Radar Adventure Tours
Paying 50% comission on all confirmed bookings that average $2,000.http://www.tourradar.com/affiliate-program


Serious business people and high end travellers will do everything they can to skip long airport queues, check ins, and sharing their flight with other passengers. That’s why they increasingly use private jet charter services. They are extremely popular and comissions are huge.

One Sky Jets
$500 commission per booked flight.

Jet Charter Media
$275 commission per booked flight.

Green Jets
$200 commission per booked flight.






A rapidly expanding branch of tourism that is becoming increasingly pupular amongst Western travellers who seek cheaper destinations where they could get their high quality medical treatment at a fraction of a cost of what they would pay at home.
Up to $500 in comissions per sale.

$100 to $200 in commissions per sale.

Costa Rica Medical Tourism
An average comission is around $500.


A huge niche worth $42 billion and growing at a rapid rate.
ADT Home Security
$125-$165 per single sale.

15% lifetime commissions on every purchase.

Up to 20% commissions with average order of $419

Video Surveillence Monitor
35% commissions

Now that you’ve read this report, forget about small 4% to 7% commissions for low cost products, and use your energy to create a profitable website in one of these 5 niches, where you can easily combine a few together and not only make a living, but create some serious business.

If you’re really serious about creating a lasting and truly rewarding online business and website around a high paying affiliate program or your favorite niche and you still can’t find your way around it, I strongly urge you to take advantage of the awesome  free Wealthy Affiliate training . This training is perfect for complete newbies or bloggers who want to turn their websites into cash printing machines.


To your success,



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